Learn to lose weight, restore your health,

and feel like yourself again

Have you ever?
Looked in the mirror and been disgusted by your reflection? 
Imagine instead...
Sounds too good to be true?
Its not!

Find out which Intermittent Fasting method is best for you

I tried numerous diets with no results because they all consisted of counting calories or eating salads 24/7 and that didn't work for my lifestyle.

Choosing Toya's coaching was one of the best decisions I made. After following my recommended plan, I was able to control my eating without spending time on what I could and couldn't eat. I lost several inches and pounds in a short time period and was able to get that beach-ready body back in no time!

Ashley J.

Meet Latoya Washington, RN BSN

LaToya Washington is a weight loss coach specializing in teaching women how to lose weight and improve their health with intermittent fasting so they can look and feel like themselves again.


LaToya has a bachelor's degree in nursing, with over a decade of nursing experience, and a passion for teaching others how to become their healthiest self.

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