The FaithFast Story

FaithFast is a weight loss coaching program for emotional eaters who want to lose weight and have lost hope in their ability to reach their goal 

If you’ve ever been desperate for a way to lose weight, tired of trying diets that don’t work, and you feel completely out of control around food                     
 You're in the right place 
I was fat. And I was miserable.
I went from diet to diet, trying so hard to lose weight and feeling like a failure every day because nothing was working and the scale was moving in the wrong direction.
Weight loss surgery seemed like my only option

But I was terrified. At my wits end, I prayed, begging God for a solution. Within 24 hours, I stumbled upon my solution! This began a 12 month journey of losing over 90 pounds, and completely transforming my body and overall well-being by following the steps that became the foundation of the
FaithFast Weight Loss Coaching Program 


Not sure if you’re an emotional eater?
Take the Feelings vs Food assessment and coaching session!
About your Coach

Hi Friends!

I’m a registered nurse and health & weight loss practitioner specializing in helping emotional eaters who want to lose weight but have lost hope in themselves and in the weight loss process. I help emotional eaters lose weight and gain confidence without using food to manage their feelings.


I have a bachelor's degree in nursing, with over a decade of nursing experience, and I’m  in the process of completing my masters degree as a family nurse practitioner. I'm driven by a passion for teaching others how they can lose weight and improve their health. I am determined to restore the values of compassion, empathy, caring and professionalism to the healthcare system.


After a personal struggle with emotional eating and low self esteem that led to obesity, depression, and poor health, I utilized what would later become the FaithFast technique, to lose over 90 pounds, drastically improve my health and energy levels, and build a healthy self confidence. 


FaithFast was created to help others who are struggling with emotional eating and weight gain who feel hopeless about being able to lose the weight. FaithFast teaches dieters how to break the binge eating cycle, build self confidence, and lose weight for good.


I'm a die hard Potterhead and I love reading and writing poetry in my free time (whenever that happens!). I also enjoys long walks with the hubby and family nights spent with our 4 children.

Before & After Losing 86 lbs!!!

Tel : 302-217-3080

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