Intermittent Fasting Guide for Beginners

You’ve heard of it, you're intrigued, you’ve done some research


And now you are READY


You just need a tool to help get you started on your weight loss journey with Intermittent Fasting

Guess What?


I've got you. I designed this guide for Intermittent Fasting especially for beginners looking to start IF successfully.


Learn about how IF works, the benefits of IF, different fasting schedules, and much more! 


Begin your transformation through fasting today!

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Hi! I'm Toya, I'm a Registered Nurse and the founder of FaithFast. I specialize in weight loss and wellness through intermittent fasting for women.


After losing over 90 lbs through intermittent fasting and health and body transformation, I'm now on a mission to help women who feel out of control around food manage their appetite and food cravings, so they can lose weight and feel good about themselves, without feeding their feelings.