One of the most difficult things to do nowadays is to truly be in sync with your self-love. Society has created these very unrealistic and unhealthy ways for us to look in the mirror. 


We start comparing ourselves to photoshopped images. 


We end up hurting ourselves, with thoughts, with emotional eating and may end up with depression. 


It’s so dangerous and easy to go down that rabbit hole. 


But there’s a way to avoid it. There’s a way to learn the tools you need to fight off those unrealistic expectations.


It’s not easy but it’s doable and with the proper information and education you can create a lifestyle full of self-love. 


My 10 WAYS TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF guide will open your eyes not just realizing that you are not alone in this journey but that you can conquer it! 


I created this simple guide to attack self-destructive thoughts so you can gain motivation and willpower to achieve even the unachievable. 


You need someone to open your eyes to how valuable you are in this world. And that all your dreams and goals are able to come to fruition if you step in good faith and commit for the right reasons. 


Good news is that you can download this guide and get started on a life-changing journey TODAY!   

Are you ready to LOVE THE SKIN THAT YOU'RE IN?

Hi, I'm LaToya, founder of FaithFast. I specialize in weight loss through intermittent fasting for emotional eaters.


After losing over 90 lbs through intermittent fasting and a complete mindset makeover, I am now on a mission to help women who feel out of control around food manage their appetite and food cravings, so they can lose weight and feel good about themselves, without feeding their feelings.

I created the guide: 10 WAYS TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOUR BODY

Self-confidence is like a muscle. You have to work at it and work at it, until you start seeing results!


Grab your FREE guide & experience all of this:

  • A simple and easy to read guide on how to take the steps to love your body image. 

  • Education on understanding the misconceptions of society’s standards. 

  • Transform your body and mind with good, healthy goals.  


Let’s start hitting those goals without fear and without doubt and all of it with love!